About Us

we are currently closed for the winter, but will be reopening for our 2018 season on april 13th.  

In the meantime, please join us for a very special weekend of music and community. 


MARCH 2, 3 & 4TH

Join over 30 bands and over 60 local musicians for a weekend of music, food and community as we raise awareness and funds for SENECA LAKE PURE WATERS ASSOCIATION. 


About Us

The 2018 season marks the Stonecat's 20th year of operation!  We continue in our goal to wake people up to life with dynamic, fun food and libation.  Our dishes are created with passion and love and served in a comfortable and approachable atmosphere, which is maintained by a professional community of hosts and servers.  Our chefs continue to create and evolve the regional cuisine of the Finger Lakes, using local ingredients and global culinary influences.  

Come enjoy the bounty of the Finger Lakes with us!

Call 607-546-5000 for reservations.




Photo source: Edible Finger Lakes

Photo source: Edible Finger Lakes

Scott Signori
Owner and Executive Chef

"At the Stonecat, it is our belief that food is life.  We feel that what people eat is the biggest mark of their culture and a reflection of how they feel about life.  We like life in Hector and enjoy waking people up to vibrant, fun food that is grown organically and sustainably."    -Scott Signori

Scott Signori has owned and worked as Executive Chef of the Stonecat Cafe since its inception in 1999.  He has been a pioneer of locally grown and organically produced food.  He believes deeply that food is life and has worked hard to help create a local cuisine that is fun, nourishing, and full of life.  


The Stonecat Staff

The Stonecat staff is a strong community of fiercely independent personalities that collectively make the Stonecat the most interesting, fun, and vivacious joint anyone could ever hope to be a part of.  Most of our senior wait staff has been with us for over a decade.  It is common for us to have our entire kitchen crew come back year after year.  This is testimony to our common goals and true family aura.



The Building Itself

It is fitting that the Stonecat is operated out of a building that was previously a farm market.  Our commitment to the region's farmers and the community of people basking in their fruit is solid and undying.